Telecommunication deals with technical systems for communication. It deals with the earning, changing, transmitting, connecting, saving and processing of information-bearing signals. The main task of communications engineering is to transmit information as authentically as possible from one source of information to an information basin or even several basins. Communications engineering includes telecommunication, satellite communication as well as radio along with numerous other disciplines. Communication engineering ensures hereby the information exchange between the distances of information sources and information basins by using telecommunicating systems.

Fiber glass infrastructures, the infrastructures of communications engineering and the internet administration not only contribute to the basic intermeshing of media and the redundancies, but also through technological innovations for the increase in performance capacity by using the same basic infrastructures. Broadband networks, like the power supply, have become an integral part of public infrastructures. So they have a comparable economic importance to roads, public traffic nets and the water and power supply.

The city of Frankfurt has successively mastered the international connecting of telecommunication networks to an international renowned business node point during the last decades. This connection is concentrated in the metropolitan region in the net production locations of more than 500 telecommunication companies and internet service providers as well as in the network of data processing centers in the city area and the metropolitan region. FrankfurtRheinMain has the core of the highest density of fiber glass lines in Germany at its disposal.

The growth of traffic has doubled annually to date. You can count on this growth due to the further increasing networking in Europe and intercontinentally. FrankfurtRheinMain is represented at the center not only because of DE-CIX but also because of the international networking management center of the German Telekom AG and the biggest hub of Level3 outside the USA as the most important hub world-wide for international and national networking. The metropolitan areas of Europe can be connected in less than 6 milliseconds. The hub Frankfurt am Main is the most important location in Germany for the German Telekom, as well as for Level3.

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