Technology of Information

Technology of Information

The technology of information and telecommunication is furthermore characterized by a high technical dynamic of innovation. This conducts to a permanent increase of the grade of dependence to electricity of the private houses and companies.

Information at the interface of man-machine and machine-machine can with digital infrastructures be on the one side copied and thereby distributed at very low limit costs and on the other side this information can be faster transmitted as data to long distances then it was possible till now. This induced increase of productivity. The national and international interconnection of telecommunication networks leads to world-wide connections and this makes globally possible to shorten the transfer times of information to a few milliseconds.

Terms like cloud-computing in particular emphasize that data processing systems are permanently connected by digital infrastructures so that they can act reciprocally in value-added chains. Hereby digital infrastructures are omnipresent nowadays, always usable, more and more mobile and affordable due to commercial conditions. Technological innovations and advances possibly this permanent infrastructural change.

Already today FrankfurtRheinMain provides a high number of installed cloud platforms in the European comparison with more than 1000,000 virtual servers and has laid the first basics for the digital market of the future with this medium-sized structure and with initiatives like Frankfurt-cloud, German cloud and other platforms.

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