The Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. is non-partisan. In the same time politics is one of our most important dialog partners. Across party lines we want to actively help shape opinions at background talks and public events with our knowledge regarding digital infrastructures.

We are convinced that digital infrastructures represent the conditio-sine-qua-non of our economy and our society; without these nobody can act sustainably and successfully anymore. With a potential of at least one percent point to the growth of the GDP, digital infrastructures sustainably provide a solid starting basis not only in good times. They provide effective instruments to create economic growth, to increase the productivity in the region, to sustainably develop employments and the work capacity and to improve the quality of life for all.

We know that digital infrastructures in the area of RheinMain not only play a central role in work capacity and the future of our society regionally but also a nationally and internationally. In contrast to numerous international competitors, FrankfurtRheinMain is not a capital city, but of similar economic and infrastructural importance. The special cosmopolitanism that Frankfurt has always offered as traffic node point, provides for an intensive international climate of innovation. The international atmosphere present in Frankfurt offers tolerance and flexibility to try out things in a different matter than is usual in the rest of the country. It is an aim of our association to support local politicians to show the specific national and international attraction of this central German data exchange point.

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