Today, the dependence of digital infrastructures on the electrical power supply is not any more unilateral but reciprocal. The areas in digital infrastructures totally presuppose each other. Power supply depends on the functionality of the information and telecommunication supply – as well as all other digital infrastructures areas too. Without electricity there is no digital supply – without digital supply there is no production and distribution of electricity.

The supply with electricity represents an inhomogeneous structure of supply areas which have grown over decades and exist today as a commercially designed, complexly controlled supply network of production sites with heterogeneous transportation and distribution networks as well as distribution net over several regional levels. These are organized in a competition in Germany and are open to all technologies which leads to regional differences in actual supply.

The non-availability due to failures is 1.38 minutes at the electricity supply system in Frankfurt at medium voltage per end user and year (statistical average from the year 2010). This high network liability is a world-wide top value.

The highly liable supply with electricity in FrankfurtRheinMain is compensated by the development of the turnaround in energy policy and through increasing price assumptions for the future use of industrial energy. Even if the Digital Hub regions have a worse supply situation, the user charges are also lower for industrial customers. They make provisions with investments in their own emergency power supply.

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