Data Processing Centers

Data Processing Centers

Infrastructures for data processing centers connect the digital world with the real one and ensure liable anchor points between industry and service providers.

The metropolitan region FrankfurtRheinMain is the capital for providers of data processing centers on the European continent. In the city of Frankfurt alone there are more than 35 commercial providers operating in over 50 data processing centers. Among them there are 6 big international providers and each of them manages a space of at least 15,000 square meters and obtains more than 20MVA of energy consumption.

If you summarize the spaces of data processing centers of commercial providers and those of self-made companies in the metropolitan region, today there are already more than 400,000 square meters of data processing center spaces in FrankfurtRheinMain. This puts Frankfurt on level with the metropolitan region of London with regard to commercial space.

According to current information of international renowned companies of market research the net influx in the metropolitan region FrankfurtRheinMain is growing in this segment comparably to London which is at least 10 percent per year. Provided that in the center of the metropolitan region the advantages of competition can continuously be extended on an international level, then higher growth would be possible.

The reasons for the attraction of the center FrankfurtRheinMain are based on the solid structural conditions that the region offers. Since 2009 the market research institute Telegeography® has considered Frankfurt am Main, the center of the metropolitan region, as the world-wide leading location in relation to international net connecting and the design of profitable international ITK connections. Here there is the highest density of internet connections in a world-wide comparison. This has been proven by a recent example such as the “Europe Persia Express Gateway”, which directly connects Frankfurt with the Gulf states and Oman.

The providers of data processing centers as well as TK companies and power suppliers supported these change through e.g. a fivefold-increase of the power consumption per square meter of 0,3 kVA/qm in 1990 up to over 1,5kVA and even more as of 2010.

This causes that the space sizes needed to supply the net data processing spaces exceed by fare the minimum space of 600,000 square meters in adding the transfer spaces for the supply of power and air conditioning. The annual minimum growth for power supply has for years been in a core area of 10 MW.

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