Digital Hub FrankfurtRhineMain Appoints New Leadership

Frank Zachmann Named New Chairman / Peter Kania and Frank Orlowski Return to the Association’s Executive Board

Frankfurt/Germany, June 23, 2015 – At its annual shareholders’ meeting, the Digital Hub FrankfurtRhineMain elected a new executive team. The new chairman is Frank Zachmann from data center provider Interxion, who has been serving as a member of the Executive Board for several years. The other two seats on the Executive Board will now be filled by Peter Kania, the previous head of Frankfurt’s economic development agency, and Frank Orlowski from DE-CIX, the Frankfurt-based Internet exchange. Both of these men were founders of the association.

The new election was called after the resignation of the previous chairman, Bernhard Pussel, to allow him to focus more fully on additional responsibilities at his full-time position at Colt. The former head of the Frankfurt economic development agency, Anja Obermann, had to vacate her Executive Board seat as she migrated to a new position at the Rhine Hessen Chamber of Crafts.

“I’m excited about the cooperation with Peter Kania and Frank Orlowski,” states Frank Zachmann. “Peter Kania has at his disposal outstanding contacts to the decision makers in the city and the region in order to represent our issues well. Frank Orlowski and DE-CIX very clearly support the Digital Hub in Frankfurt, and through the successful internationalization of his organization, he can easily identify our local strengths and deficits.”

“At the same time, I’d like to thank Bernhard Pussel and Anja Obermann, who have placed the topic of digital infrastructure on the agenda through many background discussions. As an example of their good work, they have helped to shorten the approval time for construction projects in the city.”

Last fall, Mayor Peter Feldmann named Frank Zachmann the international ambassador for the Frankfurt Economic Region. Frank Zachmann and his Executive Board colleagues will work to  ensure that the Rhine-Main region and its capitol of Frankfurt remain one of the most important locations in the world for digital infrastructure.


Mayor Peter Feldmann nominates Digital Hub board member to business location ambassador

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, November 21st, 2014. Mayor Peter Feldmann has nominated Frank Zachmann to ambassador for the business location Frankfurt am Main. Zachmann is on the executive board at the Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain association, which represents the interests of providers and users of digital infrastructure. The internationally well connected and experienced manager has the task of promoting Frankfurt and its advantages to companies that need high performance data centers and Internet connectivity.

“An unusually high density of data centers and glass fiber networks have made Frankfurt am Main the digital control center of Europe. That is a defendable location advantage used by companies doing business here and is the basis for further innovation,“ said Zachmann.

Frank Zachmann holds Business Administration degrees in Mannheim and an international MBA from universities in Frankfurt, Shanghai (China), Hyderabad (India), and Durham (USA).

Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast at DE-CIX: Frankfurter Internet Exchange-Platform is sought after at an international level

At our well attended Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast in mid September we were able to hear our host’s Frank P. Orlowski’s presentation on the international business strategy of our founding member DE-CIX . The marketing director avoided high gloss slides and high gloss stamps, instead he offered vivid representations of the opportunities, surprises, and adversities of the international business.

When the few German Internet computers and networks were connected together in 1995 in a proverbial backyard in Frankfurt, not even the experts who were there could have imagined that it would someday become the Internet Exchange with the highest data throughput worldwide.  The main reason for this success was the fact that “DE-CIX” as a neutral platform was more scalable and manageable than any other solution – for the good of all participants.

The idea that this special expertise could also become an export hit came to the management when the United Aram Emirates asked the experts in Frankfurt for help to set up a new Internet Exchange in Dubai. That is how DE-CIX initially took on a consultant role and later even operated the UAE-IX in Dubai.  This Internet Exchange has seen a rapid development since 2012, like the Dubai airport, and acts as the analogous counterpart as a digital switch point between Europe and Asia.

If you can make it there …

The first international Internet Exchange under DE-CIX direction may have found its creation as a result of a request for consulting, however, DE-CIX was quite aware of its own strength when it decided to target New York City independently and without a US partner.  The neutral public peering model had not existed in the USA. The rapid success in the lion’s den since 2013 has shown that the knowhow from Frankfurt is welcome in the USA, too. Today, DE-CIX New York offers a neutral and inexpensive platform for data exchange to American network operators, with over 100 connection points in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, and is supposed to become one of the top five Internet Exchanges in the USA in the next few years.

In his outlook, Mr. Orlowski announced that further international locations are probable in the medium-term. Similar to New York and Dubai, platforms are supposed to be supported locally for distribution and service, but the administration will be managed from Frankfurt. In order for this concept to work, however, it is imperative, according to Mr. Orlowski, that the Frankfurt-RheinMain region actively maintain its top position in regards to digital infrastructure.

More information about DE-CIX is available on our member page


Invitation – Export Hit Exchange

Topic: Export Hit Internet Exchange

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am

We are inviting members, friends, and supporters of the Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. to the Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast.

The Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast is an event series organized by the Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V.  Innovative topics, current market information, networking, making new business contacts – all that over a small breakfast.

At this event, we are happy to welcome Mr. Frank P. Orlowski, Chief Marketing Officer at DE-CIX Management GmbH.


DE-CIX Frankfurt Presentation

How does an Internet Exchange work – example DE-CIX Frankfurt

How is an Internet Exchange relevant

How is the DE-CIX New York structured

Follow up discussion


Tuesday, September 23rd, 9:30 am to 11:30 am


DE-CIX Management GmbH – Competence Center – Lindleystrasse 12 – D-60314 Frankfurt am Main


Please register here.

Please RSVP by September 16th, 2014. The event is offered to you at no cost; however, please let us know if you can’t make it.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V.



Digital Hub Annual Conference 2014 Attended by many VIPs

Gaining a competitive edge through digital infrastructure: “One step ahead.”

Zeta-Award for extraordinary accomplishments awarded to Link11 GmbH
The Rhine Main region is experiencing a boom. A major contributor to that is the digital infrastructure in and around Frankfurt. It supplies industry, banks, and providers with ultra fast data connection and computing capacity. What is necessary to secure this advantage was a question posed by the Digital Hub Frankfurt RheinMain e.V. at its annual conference on July 22nd, 2014 held at the Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie.
Among the speakers were author and Internet activist, Sascha Lobo, Dr. Jens Zimmermann (MdB) from the Bundestag Committee Digital Agenda, the Frankfurter City Councilman and Department Head for Reform Projects, Jan Schneider, the Frankfurter City Councilman and Department Head for Economics, Sports, Security, and Fire Department, Markus Frank, as well as Markus Laqua, Partner at the consultancy firm Bearing Point, and Georg Matzner, Division Head for Technology Policy at the Hessian Ministry of Economics. The speakers representing the Digital Hub Frankfurt-RheinMain e.V. were the host, Dr. Christian Garbe, CEO of the Innovationszentrum, and the association’s Chairman, Bernhard Pussel.

Within the framework of presentations and a panel discussion, the question was explored, which conditions must be met in order to ensure future success through high-performance digital infrastructure in Germany and especially in the Rhine Main region. Not only did that uncover technological perspectives, but also societal ones, and detailed questions were asked pertaining to the agenda and implementation in the region.
A great insight was that the expansion of the digital infrastructure remains a permanent task and will need the appropriate investments. Reasons for the expansion are the new networked economy, user driven social media and other over the top services such as video streaming services that constantly increase the demand for bandwidth. “Whoever stops moving forward is bound to fall behind in the international competition.” Bernhard Pussel expressed a warning for policy makers in Berlin: „We no longer can think of energy and data networks as separate. We take an even more critical view in regards to the permanent increases in energy prices caused by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) which already have an impact on the ability of digital infrastructure providers to compete internationally.
As far as Frankfurt-RheinMain is concerned, it became clear that the situation in the region is very favorable in comparison to Germany as a whole, but the actual competition takes place in Europe. Especially Amsterdam and London have greatly developed their positions. That is why the city of Frankfurt, the regional association, but also the local enterprises should push more actively to position the central data capital in the international ranking. As an example, the next German IT summit could be held in Frankfurt, and the dialog with Bundestag representatives from the region could be stepped up. In the evening, the Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. awarded the Zeta-Award for outstanding services to digital infrastructure in the region. This year’s nominations went to the Virtual Network Operator Mitcaps GmbH from Mainz and Link11 GmbH which specializes in data center security, as well as Horn & Cosifan Computersystems GmbH, both Frankfurt am Main enterprises. The winner was Link11 GmbH, and according to award presenter, Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Link11 and their solutions for data centers highly contribute to the security of the digital ecosystem as a whole.
The event was well attended with 150 guests from the regional economy and politics as well as the media and was a good cause for network development in the region. The patron was the Hessian Minister of Economics, Tarek Al-Wazir

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Invitation to the Annual Conference 2014 – Digital Infrastructures FrankfurtRheinMain – one step ahead

We cordially invite you to the Digital Hub Annual Conference 2014 under the patronage of the States Minister of Hessen, Mr. Tarek Al-Wazir:

Tuesday, 22nd July 2014

02:15 – approx. 08:00 pm

Event location: FIZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie GmbH, Altenhöferallee 3, 60438 Frankfurt am Main

There will be fascinating speeches by Markus Laqua (partner of BearingPoint), Sascha Lobo (author, blogger, journalist), Georg Matzner, head of division technology politics and development, information technology, telecommunication, post at the HMWEVL, Jan Schneider, department head for reform projects and the councilman of the city Frankfurt am Main, Dr. Jens Zimmermann (MdB), Member of the digital agenda committee of the Bundestag.

At the end of the event the Digital Hub Award „ZETA 2014” is awarded to honor extraordinary commitment for the digital metropolis FrankfurtRheinMain.

Companies and organizations could not apply for the prize themselves but had to be proposed by members of the association and by market experts. The nomination is made after final examination of the submitted applications and consultation of the executive board of the Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain e.V. in the period between February 2014 and May 2014 in Frankfurt.
The finalists of the Zeta 2014, in alphabetical order:

a) Horn & Cosifan Computersysteme GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
Their nomination honors Horn & Cosifan as a special provider in Frankfurt that has been anticipating trends for their customers since 1993 and has already been effectively implementing ITK-system integration projects and the sustainable operation of ITK systems with the focus on mobile telephony solutions for years.

b) Link11 GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
The nomination honors Link11 GmbH as a special provider in Frankfurt for their merits in the improvement of global internet security. The high performant DDos-security-cloud provides intelligent and reliable worldwide protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS-) attacks, made in Frankfurt / Germany. Hereby not only known DDos-attacks on web sites or company networks are warded, but also unidentified and large volume attacks.

c) Mitcaps GmbH, Wiesbaden
The nomination honors mitcaps as a virtual network operator (VNO) for the custom-made networking of middle-sized companies of the metropolis FrankfurtRheinMain with high performance ITK-connections, instrumental in developing the Digital Hub in Germany. mitcaps contributes to the increase of networking density with main focus on Frankfurt am Main.

The jury includes Frankfurt city councillor Markus Frank, Head Department for Commerce, Sport, Safety and Fire Department (CDU), Gerhard Neidhöfer, managing director of the ACG Automation Consulting Group GmbH, Dr. Jens Zimmermann, member of the German Bundestag and of the of the Digital Agenda Committee of the Bundestag (SPD), Donald Badoux, managing director of Equinix Deutschland GmbH, as well as the entrepreneur Klaus J. Orth, founding member of the Digital Hub Frankfurt-RheinMain e.V.

Please registry free online under: www.amiando.com/JK2207
We kindly ask for your understanding that for security reasons admittance is permitted only by registration.
The office of Digital Hub FrankfurtRheinMain is available under 069-29723581 for any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Annual Conference of Digital Hub 2014.
Best regards

Bernhard Pussel
Chairman of the Association