It belongs to the characteristics of leading metropolitan regions such as FrankfurtRheinMain within the OECD, that these regions dispose on one side of a positive correlation between the size of the working population and the income development and on the other side of disproportionally more headquarters or more regional centers of large groups of companies and organizations than others although of more research institutes, different traffic connections and transportation systems and of a high concentration of internationally comparable digital infrastructures.

Numbers of international studies show the effects of fast internet accesses and bandwidth related to different innovations areas such as process innovations, organizational innovations, product innovations, distribution innovations. Studies in Netherland, Great Britain and Denmark show all the same effects.

Today FrankfurtRheinMain is one of the globally highly-available locations and is a well-known motor of economics in Europe. The region allows the best international connectivity, is the control center of economics and data capital in Europe. We stand for keeping it this way and for maintaining the top position in the European and international challenge.

Our offer to members and interested persons:

  • We consult and discuss with the responsible persons in politics and administration to maintain the aimed positions in the digital infrastructures
  • We promote exchanges, information and communication through network platforms
  • We bundle the forces of our members
  • We enhance and care the image of the „digital infrastructure“
  • We provide advantages for our members through collaborations and partnerships
  • We present the city and the region and our members on events, conventions and meetings