Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast at DE-CIX: Frankfurter Internet Exchange-Platform is sought after at an international level

At our well attended Executive Business Briefing & Breakfast in mid September we were able to hear our host’s Frank P. Orlowski’s presentation on the international business strategy of our founding member DE-CIX . The marketing director avoided high gloss slides and high gloss stamps, instead he offered vivid representations of the opportunities, surprises, and adversities of the international business.

When the few German Internet computers and networks were connected together in 1995 in a proverbial backyard in Frankfurt, not even the experts who were there could have imagined that it would someday become the Internet Exchange with the highest data throughput worldwide.  The main reason for this success was the fact that “DE-CIX” as a neutral platform was more scalable and manageable than any other solution – for the good of all participants.

The idea that this special expertise could also become an export hit came to the management when the United Aram Emirates asked the experts in Frankfurt for help to set up a new Internet Exchange in Dubai. That is how DE-CIX initially took on a consultant role and later even operated the UAE-IX in Dubai.  This Internet Exchange has seen a rapid development since 2012, like the Dubai airport, and acts as the analogous counterpart as a digital switch point between Europe and Asia.

If you can make it there …

The first international Internet Exchange under DE-CIX direction may have found its creation as a result of a request for consulting, however, DE-CIX was quite aware of its own strength when it decided to target New York City independently and without a US partner.  The neutral public peering model had not existed in the USA. The rapid success in the lion’s den since 2013 has shown that the knowhow from Frankfurt is welcome in the USA, too. Today, DE-CIX New York offers a neutral and inexpensive platform for data exchange to American network operators, with over 100 connection points in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island, and is supposed to become one of the top five Internet Exchanges in the USA in the next few years.

In his outlook, Mr. Orlowski announced that further international locations are probable in the medium-term. Similar to New York and Dubai, platforms are supposed to be supported locally for distribution and service, but the administration will be managed from Frankfurt. In order for this concept to work, however, it is imperative, according to Mr. Orlowski, that the Frankfurt-RheinMain region actively maintain its top position in regards to digital infrastructure.

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